Vaccine Storage Solutions – Advanced Cold Chamber & Refrigeration

The MIRAI state-of-the-art cold chamber and MIRAI Cold 10 ULT refrigeration unit provide an ideal solution for reliable and cost-effective vaccine storage.

Distributing vaccines to every corner of the globe is a difficult endeavor. Multiple steps are required to distribute huge volumes of vaccine vials to various hospitals, clinics and pharmacies where the jabs can be administered.

Storing, monitoring, and transporting these temperature-sensitive goods necessitates a chain of well-coordinated events that take place under temperature-controlled conditions.

Current vaccine storage challenges necessitate cutting-edge technologies

As a result, temperature accuracy and quality assurance are fundamental requirements for pharma supply chain managers. Achieving and maintaining consistent optimum storage temperatures, electrical installation, smooth loading and unloading processes and the storage surface area are key factors affecting the energy efficiency of cold stores. The latter is the ratio of the surface area to the storage volume. This is particularly important when replacing one storage room with a large number of independent refrigerators.

Advanced Cold Chamber for Vaccine Storage

Experts from different fields, such as refrigeration, plant construction and cold chain management have combined their knowledge and experience to design a chamber with flawless performance, efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Ultra-low temperature (ULT) storage facilities are enhanced to operate at -80 ° C, but can also easily maintain any temperature between -40 ° C and -90 ° C (adjustable to – 110 ° C). The chamber is controlled by a S7 1200 (Siemens) controller performing automation and intelligent communication tasks and is equipped with energy-efficient tested LEDs. The chamber’s insulation is comprised of special low-temperature insulation panels that are highly resistant and efficient with low thermal bridging, polyurethane foam, integrated vacuum panels, and hooks. The refrigeration system’s foundations are oil-free operation and the use of air as the primary refrigerant.

cold chamber for vaccine storage
Advanced cold chamber for vaccine storage

Optimal Refrigeration Unit for Cold Chambers

The MIRAI Cold 10 is an ultra-low-temperature refrigeration unit that is ideal for use in cold chambers. It utilises an open cycle technology through which ultra-cold air is blown directly into the chamber, without the need for auxiliary fans or an evaporator.

The MIRAI Cold 10 can sustain ultra-low temperatures ranging from -60°C to -110°C ( -76°F to -166°F) in cold chambers with very little maintenance, making it particularly suitable for long-term storage needs.

In addition, it is supplied with a cutting-edge humidity extraction device, that prevents the buildup of ice and eliminates the need for regular defrosting.

MIRAI Cold 10 – Humidity Extraction Device (Snow catcher)
MIRAI Cold 10 – Open Cycle Ultra-low Temperature (ULT) Refrigeration Machine for Cold Chambers

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