Smart Probe for Temperature Monitoring (-200°C to +200°C)

SenseAnywhere has developed a Smart Probe for temperature monitoring that provides accurate measurements over a wide temperature range of -200°C to +200°C.

The Pt100 smart probe featuring a digital interface has been specially designed for maximum efficiency and accuracy in ultra-low temperature environments and is perfect for monitoring cryogenic applications down to -200 degrees Celsius.

Smart Probe for Temperature Monitoring (-200°C to +200°C)

The Class A wire wound ceramic Pt100 sensor ensures ultra-accurate measurements over a temperature range -200°C to +200°C (392°F to -328°F). Combined with the breakthrough compact AiroSensor data loggers, they offer the benefits of a 10-year battery life, excellent accuracy, automated data logging, real-time alarms, as well as accompanying FDA compliant software, making them best suited for pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring and in particular for solving even the most complex vaccine supply challenges.

The new ‘SenseAnywhere AiroSensor X ER model 20-20-43’ is fitted with a digital SenseAnywhere Bus (SAB). This digital SAB is a hot-pluggable interface that provides power and data communication to external data loggers, such as the Pt100.

Due to the integrated digital interface, this temperature probe comes with its own serial number and integrated electronics can be calibrated individually. Calibrated SAB sensors can be conveniently hot-swapped offering a major advantage and significant cost savings from the flexible recalibration of sensors.

Accurate Smart Probe monitoring of cryogenic temperatures

This ‘Smart Probe’ is ideal for the monitoring of cryogenic applications down to -200°C, offering reliability and security by offering 24/7 monitoring with real-time remote alarming. The class-A wire-wound ceramic Pt100 Probe provides accurate measurements across the entire temperature range of -200°C to +200°C.

Maximum security with minimum maintenance

The Pt100 Smart Probes allow truly mobile and convenient measurement of ultra-low temperatures and humidity with maximum security and durability and minimal required maintenance than was ever possible in the past.

A key benefit of this that testing and calibration of the external data loggers can be done individually as separate devices. This is a major advantage compared to analogue interfaces, where the data logger and the measuring device must always be calibrated as a pair.

The Pt100 smart probe


  • Accurate temperature monitoring range of 200°C to -200°C
  • Perfect for cryogenic applications
  • Integrated Digital Interface
  • Automated Data Logging
  • 24/7 real-time audit and reporting
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • FDA compliant software

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