Closed Cycle Refrigeration Machines for True Plug & Play Freeze-drying

The closed cycle refrigeration machines by MIRAI offer a true plug & play solution for ultra-low temperatures, including demanding applications such as freeze-drying and solvent recovery.


Case Study: Freeze-drying and Solvent Recovery with the MIRAI Cold closed cycle refrigeration machines.

MIRAI Cold refrigeration machines offer an effective and sustainable solution for freeze-drying and solvent recovery applications.

In the case of a closed cycle machine, the ultra-cold air circulates only inside of the refrigeration machine
in a closed loop. Therefore, closed cycle machines are equipped with an additional heat exchanger for the secondary working fluid. The secondary loop can cool down numerous applications requiring ultra-low temperatures, such as freeze-drying and solvent recovery.

MIRAI Cold machines can be easily retrofitted to applications, that have been using conventional or outdated methods of cooling or used as a refrigeration unit for brand new installations.

MIRAI Cold closed cycle machines are the true plug & play refrigeration solution for ultra-low temperatures with environment and sustainability in mind. Multiple machines can be used in a modular configuration for redundancy
and convenience.

All MIRAI Cold machines consume only the energy required to maintain set conditions; all done automatically. The unique air bearings eliminate the need for lubricants in the system providing a cost-effective and safe solution for freeze-drying and others demanding applications.

The case study provides detailed information on the unique advantages and integration of the MIRAI Cold close cycle refrigeration machines for freeze-drying and solvent recovery processes.

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