Nubilaria offers ACTide EDC platform free to help battle COVID-19

Italian IT and complex database consultancy Nubilaria is offering it’s cutting edge ACTide EDC web platform free of charge to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

ACTide EDC Platform Free for COVID-19 projects

Nubilaria Srl has announced it will support non-profit Healthcare and Research Organisations in Europe with their COVID-19 projects by providing them with their ACTide EDC (Electronic Data Capture) system for clinical research completely free of charge. The company also guarantees to prioritise these projects in order to help accelerate COVID-19 studies.

Nubilaria offers the ACTide EDC web platform at no cost for agile collection of clinical data which can be applied to intervention and real-world trials, or epidemiological surveys. The ACTide EDC platform can also be used for free for remote patient monitoring, ad hoc collaborative processes for off-lable drug protocols, intensive therapies and the transferring of patients according to hospital availability.

Free Electronic Data Capture for COVID-19 research in Europe

Nubilaria’s innovative clinical software solutions have been complimented by many pharmaceutical industry leaders across Europe. Now the company wants to give away it’s cornerstone ACTide EDC web platform to help the fight against the deadly virus by supporting COVID-19 healthcare and research on the old continent.

The ACTide Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system is empowered by reliable, Clinical Data Management functions and a configure-yourself eCRF platform (multi-client, multi-project, multi-instance) hosted in an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO IEC 27001:2013 managed cloud environment and is licensed as a Service (SaaS).

ACTide EDC empowering healthcare and research organisations

The ACTide EDC state-of-the-art Electronic Data Capture system is empowering healthcare and research organisations to streamline the collection, review, and processing of clinical trial data to understand and find a solution to COVID-19 much sooner.

Nubilaria’s team currently manage clinical trials, registries, DTP (Diagnostic and Therapeutic Protocols for Clinical Governance), ePROs, workflows for drug supply management. With more than 2000 users across Italy and other European countries, ACTide is a trusted brand amongst Doctors, Hospital Pharmacists, Logistic Operators and CRO’s.

Nubilaria is ready to help!

If you work for a non-profit Healthcare or Research Organization in Europe, tell Nubilaria about your COVID-19 project. Nubilaria’s team will be glad to offer their support for your project!

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