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An L.B. Bohle White Paper

L.B. Bohle provides valuable insights into technological advancements and the benefits of granulation systems.

The white paper by L.B. Bohle provides a comprehensive overview of the various granulation processes utilised in the pharmaceutical industry, and the company’s advanced technological solutions and expertise. Key topics covered include:

The Importance of Granulation: The growing significance of granulation in pharmaceutical production due to increasing cost pressures.

Granulation Systems: L.B. Bohle’s range of granulation systems, tailored to meet diverse production needs. This includes both standard and customised solutions for batch and continuous processes.

Compact Module: The Bohle compact plant integrates multiple components (GMA high shear granulator, BTS wet sieve, BFS fluid bed system, Bohle Uni Cone BUC®, cyclone separator, and BTS dry sieve) into one space-efficient unit. This integration ensures streamlined processes, enhanced cleaning, and safety.

Fluid Bed Granulation: The benefits of fluid bed systems, particularly those with tangential spray nozzles, for compressing dry powder mixtures. The patented Bohle Uni Cone BUC® enhances the efficiency and scalability of these systems.

Single-Pot Granulation: Highlights the VMA granulator, which performs mixing, high-shear wet granulation, and drying in a single container. This method offers advantages such as secure production, high efficiency, and compact footprint.

High-Shear Granulation: Discusses the high-shear granulation process, which uses an agitator blade and chopper to form dense granules. This method is noted for its low fluid consumption and ease of cleaning.

Twin-Screw Granulation (TSG): Covers TSG as a method for continuous wet granulation, its efficiency, quick process adjustments, and suitability for research and production.

Continuous Dry Granulation: Ideal for moisture or temperature-sensitive products. The BRC series is highlighted for its high material throughput and innovative compacting force control.

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