Caspase Antibodies and ELISA Kits

Assay Biotechnology offers a comprehensive range of high-quality Caspase Antibodies and ELISA Kits. The product range encompasses a wide array of antibodies and colorimetric cell-based ELISA kits targeting various forms and modifications of caspases, a family of protease enzymes that play critical roles in apoptosis (programmed cell death) and other cellular processes.

Caspase Antibodies

The Assay Biotech product range includes primary antibodies specific to different caspase family members, such as caspase-6, caspase-8, caspase-9, caspase-3, caspase-1, caspase-2, caspase-7, and caspase-10. Some antibodies may target specific phosphorylation sites on these caspases.

Cleaved-Caspase Antibodies

The company’s product range includes antibodies recognizing cleaved or activated forms of caspases, including cleaved caspase-3, caspase-6, caspase-7, caspase-8, and more. These antibodies enable the detection of caspase activation, a hallmark of apoptosis.

Monoclonal Antibodies Against Caspases and Cleaved Forms

The primary antibodies range also includes monoclonal antibodies against caspases and cleaved forms, offering high specificity and sensitivity for research applications, minimizing cross-reactivity and false results. They are valuable tools for precise detection and research in various cellular processes, particularly apoptosis.

Featured Antibodies

Colorimetric Cell-Based ELISA Kits

Assay Biotech provides high-quality ELISA kits designed for the quantification of specific forms of caspases and their phosphorylated counterparts in cells using colorimetric assays. The range of available kits encompasses diverse phosphorylation sites across different caspases, providing comprehensive research options.

The Colorimetric Cell-Based ELISA Kits are ready to use and also include a detailed protocol and safety datasheet with each kit. These documents provide the necessary information about product specifications, quality control procedures, preparation, and performance characteristics. This ensures that researchers have all the required information to successfully and conveniently perform the assay and interpret the results.

Featured ELISA Kits

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Assay Biotechnology’s product range offers researchers a comprehensive toolkit to investigate the complex mechanisms involving caspases in cell death and other cellular processes. Understanding caspase activation, regulation, and signaling is crucial for advancing our knowledge of cellular biology and its relevance in disease development. This product line is valuable for both basic research and applications focused on apoptosis and related pathways.

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