Biosynth’s Epitope Mapping Services – Video

Biosynth’s expert team pioneers peptide-based epitope mapping, offering precise epitope definitions through 25 years of expertise in advanced peptide chemistry and innovative CLIPS™ technology.

The Significance of Utilising Epitope Mapping

The determination of binding sites establishes the correlation between epitopes and the functional attributes of antibodies. This includes investigating whether binding occurs at locations akin to ligands. Furthermore, epitope mapping plays a pivotal role in the curation of antibodies that precisely target specific protein segments. This targeted selection finds application in diverse areas, including the development of diagnostic assays or therapeutic drugs.

Biosynth’s accomplished team has pioneered the field of peptide-based epitope mapping. Leveraging over 25 years of expertise in advanced and applied peptide chemistry, Biosynth delivers precise, intelligible, and immediately applicable epitope definitions tailored to your antibodies. By combining the collective proficiency of their scientific experts with in-house developed peptide arrays and the exclusive CLIPS™ technology, Biosynth has established a distinctive platform. This platform empowers accurate and cost-effective definition of linear, conformational, and discontinuous epitopes.

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