Biologicals Logistics Services

Cool Chain Logistics is a leading provider of biopharma and biologicals logistics services, including the transportation of biological materials. Cool Chain is dedicated to ensuring the fast, safe, and fully compliant transportation of biological samples, materials, substances, and products for pharma and biopharma companies, healthcare organisations and clinical laboratories.

Secure Transportation of Biologicals

Cool Chain Logistics stands at the forefront of biopharmaceutical logistics, specializing in the intricate process of transporting biologicals, including clinical samples, blood, plasma, tissue, sera, and other body fluids, as well as biological medications, vaccines, gene therapies, cells, antibodies, assays, reagents, recombinant therapeutic proteins, and other biological substances, products, and materials, crucial for accurate R&D, diagnostics, clinical trials and other clinical and medical procedures.

The company provides reliable and comprehensive services relating to the transportation of biological samples, products, and materials, including innovative secure, and eco-friendly packaging, monitoring and autonomous maintenance of temperature conditions, and ensuring the fast, safe, and stable transport of biospecimens and biological materials and products, under strict adherence to GDP regulatory standards.

Revolutionary Transport Solution: 120 Hours of Autonomous Temperature Maintenance

Ensuring the preservation, integrity, and quality of clinical trial biospecimens, biological samples, and biological R&D products is an essential factor for the success and accurate results of research projects, clinical trials, and diagnostics. Cool Chain Logistics provides a revolutionary transport solution that guarantees a minimum of 120 hours of autonomous temperature maintenance, adhering to GDP regulations and ISTA certifications, ensuring the safety and stability of biologicals throughout their journey.

Temperature-Controlled Logistics for Biologicals: From -80ºC to +25ºC

Cool Chain’s logistics services ensure that biological samples, materials, and products are transported with precision, maintaining the required temperature conditions throughout the journey. Cool Chain’s logistics solutions comprehensively cover the entire temperature spectrum within the biopharmaceutical cold chain. From ultra-low frozen temperatures (-80ºC/-20ºC) to refrigerated conditions (+2ºC/+8ºC) and ambient temperature settings (+15ºC/+25ºC).

High-performance Isothermal Packaging for Cat B Biological Substances

The COOL CHAIN ORCA system is an innovative high-performance isothermal equipment approved for the transport of vaccines and non-infectious cat B biological substances. This cutting-edge system can accommodate varying transportation needs and is available in four sizes: 4.4L, 11.1L, 23.5L, and 50L. The system interior is optimized with custom-designed vial holder racks, to provide maximum convenience and reliability in the transport of vaccines under any of the required temperature conditions.

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