Application-driven Enzymes to Expedite Pharma Processes

Application-driven enzyme engineering is a new technology created by combining in silico modelling and wet-lab based enzyme screening that is becoming more and more important in the pharmaceutical industry. The inherent shortcomings of many chemical conversion processes can be eliminated through cutting-edge enzymes making them an important driving force for great changes in the traditional pharmaceutical industry.

EUCODIS Bioscience, now rebranded as Biosynth, on the leading edge for application-driven enzymes, with a portfolio of over 50 enzymes including beta-lactamases, lipases, peroxidases and others used by some of the most reputable global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics companies.

Utilising its innovative proprietary in vivo recombination, gene shuffling and other mutagenesis technologies, as well as highly modern industrial development processes, Biosynth can engineer high-performance enzymes tailored to its customers’ individual requirements in pharmaceutical companies. The customised Biosynth services span across the whole value chain of enzyme development and production.

Novel enzymes for beta-lactam antibiotics sterility testing and environmental monitoring

The first-in-class LacBusterTM-branded beta-lactamase formulations have been optimised for sterility testing and environmental monitoring in the manufacture and dosage formulation of beta-lactam antibiotics. LacBusterTM inactivates clinically relevant cephalosporins better than other enzymes available, displaying a superior activity profile on a broad range of carbapenems, cephalosporins and penicillins.

The LacBusterTM formulation range includes:

LacBuster™-S, a solid formulation with a broad substrate range against clinically relevant beta-lactam antibiotics including carbapenems, cephalosporins up to 5th generation and penicillins. After reconstitution it can be used for environmental monitoring as supplement in contact and settle agar plates and in sterility tests.

LacBuster™-L, a novel sterile and ready-to-use solution. Delivering high-performance, LacBuster™ -L is especially suitable for the direct inoculation method and membrane filtration tests according to US Pharmacopeia (USP <71>) and European Pharmacopeia (EP <2.6.1>). It can be directly implemented into existing standard methods.

The LacBuster™ (Photo Credit: EUCODIS Bioscience, now Biosynth)

Unique lipases for superior performance in the synthesis of pharmaceutical esters

Biosynth offers a collection of more than 40 unique lipases of microbial origin, which are selected and engineered specifically for the synthesis of chiral esters and alcohols and for the synthesis of high-value esters for applications in various industries such as pharma and cosmetics.  Biosynth offers lipase screening kits, including the standard CalB enzyme, as well as screening services to find the lipase with best suited properties for your application. Biosynth Lipases can be used for API synthesis in pharmaceutical companies.

Harnessing the benefits of green chemistry

The advanced Biosynth Lipases produced under ISO 9001 by microbial fermentation in media with animal-free components translate the benefits of green chemistry. The Biosynth Lipases allow complete green conversion of mono- and dicarboxylic acids to the corresponding esters enabling their use in novel products.

EUCODIS Lipases (Photo Credit: EUCODIS Bioscience, now Biosynth)

Phospholipase D – the next generation of transphosphatidylation

Biosynth offers a set of Phospholipases D (PLD), enzymes active in a broad pH range that can be used to catalyse transphosphatidylation reactions to generate novel high-value designer lipids from phospholipids by exchange of the head group. Such lipids are used in functional food, for encapsulation of APIs, vaccine production, and for synthesis of lipid-attached APIs. 

Custom protein engineering and manufacture for optimum performance

Biosynth specialist in recombinant protein development and production and provides high-performance enzyme solutions for highly specific applications in biopharma, fine chemicals and cosmetics industry.

Application-driven enzyme engineering (Photo Credit: EUCODIS Bioscience, now Biosynth)

Biosynth offers general services in recombinant enzyme production. Their services include the following:

  • Identification of target enzyme candidates (including IP analysis)
  • Enzyme engineering/evolution (Gene shuffling/recombination/mutagenesis technologies)
  • Production strain development (E. coli, Bacillus, Pichia, Aspergillus, Streptomyces, and others)
  • Fermentation and DSP development – Optimization and Scale-up (non-GMP, from 1 to 1000 L)
  • Formulation development (dry & liquid formulations, immobilization)
  • Production of industrial enzymes (ISO9001, GMP and food-grade with partners)

As an all-in-one service company, Biosynth which is able to support its customers individually in enzyme identification and screening as well as optimization of biocatalytic synthesis steps or pre-selection of enzymes with particular target specifications as defined by the client.  

Biosynth is a specialist in setting up optimized bioprocesses for the scale-up and manufacture of recombinant enzymes according to ISO 9001 standards to assure maximum yields, stability and desired purity in reproducible reliable quality.