Integrated three-way improvement program for early-stage peptide development

Improving half-life and cell penetration in a peptide identified to efficiently interact with a newly discovered intracellular pathway.

A Copexis Case Study

This early peptide development was streamlined by the interaction of Copexis with an established academic institution.

Case Study: Early stage development

The company identified a peptide efficiently interacting with a newly discovered intracellular pathway. However, half-life and cell penetration were poor. Moreover, the peptidic sequence could not be protected by composition of matter. 

Copexis proposed and managed an integrated three-way improvement program. Lipidation increased the half-life, the introduction of dextrogyre-amino acids including a chimeric enabled the generation of IP and the addition of TAT markedly increased the cell penetration.

The early development was step-wize:

1) IP review of patentability of the new peptide compositions, 2) confirmation of the activity of the modified nude peptides, 3) confirmation of the increased efficacy by TAT addition, 4) confirmation of the increased in vivo half-life and efficacy.

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