Compact Data Logger for Cold Storage and Vaccine Monitoring

The Tinytag Talk 2 temperature data logger is a compact, easy-to-use USB-connection data logger for continuous temperature monitoring inside vaccine fridges, cool boxes and in pharmaceutical laboratories and storage.

Ambient temperature monitoring from -40°C to +125°C

Data loggers in the Tinytag Talk 2 range offer built-in sensors that measure from -40°C to +85°C (TK-4014-MED) and external temperature probes for fast-response monitoring from -40°C to +125°C (TK-4023).

Compact, unwired and battery-powered, Tinytag Talk 2 data loggers can be situated wherever temperature monitoring is required in pharmaceutical laboratories, manufacturing premises and inside storage equipment. The compact data logger is lightweight and easily portable, making it ideal for both continuous long-term monitoring of temperature conditions and for ad hoc or routine temperature-mapping exercises. At the end of the monitoring period, the data logger connects to the user’s computer via a USB cable, where the data can be downloaded, viewed, compared and exported using Tinytag data logging software.

Cost-effective temperature monitoring for the pharmaceutical supply chain

Tinytag Talk 2 data loggers feature two user-programmable LED alarms that enable fast responses in the event of high or low temperature excursions. Long battery-life of up to a year and a reading capacity of 16,000 makes the Tinytag Talk 2 data logger a suitable option for cost-effective long-term monitoring of temperature in pharmaceutical and cold chain environments and temperature-controlled equipment, such as fridges, freezers, cool-boxes and incubators. The data logger’s reading resolution of 0.05 provides highly accurate readings of real temperature conditions, necessary in critical pharmaceutical applications.

Small data logger for precise monitoring of vaccine temperatures

Housed in a 35mm film canister, Tinytag Talk 2 data loggers can be placed directly alongside vaccine vials or other pharmaceuticals in fridges and freezers for precise monitoring of the temperature conditions that affect their stability. By continuously monitoring temperatures in cold storage, including in cool-boxes and temperature-controlled packaging, Tinytag Talk 2 data loggers can be used to validate temperatures across the vaccine supply chain and ensure the efficacy of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals from manufacture to point of use.

The Tinytag Talk 2 range of compact data loggers are ideal for pharmaceutical cold storage applications. Image of the Tinytag Talk 2 – TK-4014 model.

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